Oren Kravetz

Responsive website redesign & rebrand

Establishing the client's trust

2019–2019 Team Lead

Case Study

The client differentiates itself from its competitors by providing greater transparency to its clients, assigning a dedicated support team to each client, and providing a dedicated software platform. Isobar and Firstborn were engaged to launch a new brand and website that would reflect a maturing company with a growing focus on digital technology.

Based on initial discovery and research, I first developed some guiding design principles. Those helped us lay out an initial architecture and page frameworks for each of the templates. I then designed wireframes to showcase the variability of each template.

With this new identity and website, the client wanted to make sure that it was effective in attracting not only potential customers, but also investors and employees. I helped them accomplish this by first establishing in our page frameworks that key benefits would be backed up by contextually relevant case studies, expert staff profiles, and/or articles that exhibited thought leadership.

I then implemented this into the design by enhancing the commonplace text and image layout with a callout that could contain one of these contextually relevant content pieces. This allows each marketing statement to be backed up with proof of the client’s experience and expertise.


Doing the homework of establishing design principles, the page architectures, and page layouts based on research and requirements went a long way towards gaining the client’s trust. As a result, our wireframe and design review process went smoothly and required fewer iterations on feedback.

Our Vision Page (Wireframe)
Fig 03.01 Our Vision Page (Wireframe)
Experience Principles
Fig 03.02 Experience Principles
Our Vision Page (Page Architecture)
Fig 03.03 Our Vision Page (Page Architecture)