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Oren Kravetz

Responsive redesign of business unit

Breaking free of an overly restrictive design system

2019 Team Lead

Responsive website redesign

Balancing MVP vs. Phase 2 releases

2019 Team Lead

Responsive website redesign & rebrand

Establishing the client's trust

2019–2019 Team Lead

Design system & legacy system analysis

Learning valuable insights from contextual inquiries

2018 Senior Designer

Responsive web application design

Leveraging testing to improve designs

2016–2018 Senior Designer


Hey! I’m Oren (he/him/his)—a husband and father of two exceedingly cute gingers. My life has taken me from Florida to Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York and finally New Jersey.

Outside of work, I play video games with my kids, watch Broadway shows, play D&D, take photos, mix cocktails, and brew the occasional beer. I’m also currently volunteering at an organization that is working to build a welcoming and inclusive Jewish community in my town in New Jersey. (Check us out at koleinufl.org!)

Professionally, I’ve been designing for over a decade, and I love working behind the scenes to improve people’s experiences with their apps and websites. I’m excited for the opportunity to meet you and your team so that together we can solve the world’s problems finally replace that one task your users do in Excel with a proper solution—one app at a time!


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